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Lung Cancer Center

The objective of a Lung Cancer Center is to facilitate the optimal, comprehensive diagnostics, treatment and aftercare of lung cancer for patients suffering from bronchial carcinoma by observing binding quality standards. The most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment techniques, in line with the latest scientific insights, are available for each patient. Each year, over 800 patients with newly diagnosed lung cancer are treated in the Thoracic Clinic. Our objective is to implement the insights of fundamental research into clinically applicable investigations (“translational research”). Individual patient profiles emerge from the entirety of the diagnostic information ascertained. Together with established clinical parameters, these form the basis for treatment, in line with the current guidelines and, at the same time, optimally tailored to the individual patient. A certified Lung Cancer Center also incorporates close cooperation with the hospital’s Department of Psycho-oncology, pastoral care and the Social Service. Interdisciplinary and well-organized networking of this type of the Departments of Pneumonology, Thoracic Surgery, Oncology, Radiology, Radiotherapy and Anesthesiology with the Nursing Service, the treatment departments and the Psychosocial Service “under one roof” provides swift and comprehensive care with the objective of a long-term improvement of the chances of recovery and the survival quality for lung cancer patients. One essential requirement and a core element for certification is treatment within an interdisciplinary concept, involving all of the main treatment partners consisting of pneumonologists, thoracic surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, radiologists and anesthetists. In our Clinic, this interdisciplinary character has been viewed as the standard for our therapeutic decision-making and already put into practice for many years. All the Chief Physicians, or their Deputies, take part in the major weekly tumor conference. In addition, a daily, joint indication conference has been established in our Clinic for some years. For patients who present at our Clinic for the first time, the further diagnostic investigation is determined in the interdisciplinary concept by Chief Physicians / Chief Residents of the departments referred to.

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Lung Check up

You are welcome to do a Lung Check-up in our clinic. For more details please click on the link Lung Check-up.

Reasons to have a lung checkup done:

  • If you’re smoker
  • If you used to be a smoker
  • If a close relative (parent or sibling) of yours is diagnosed with a lung disease (like lung cancer, asthma, COPD, ILD etc.)
  • If you’re coughing for some time now and you don’t know why
  • If you’re short of breath in unexpected situations
  • If you want to be sure …

Please note: This is not an offer for patients with lung or cancer diseases.