Diseases and Treatments…

Diseases and Treatments

Thoraxklinik Heidelberg provides exceptional medical care for the diseases occuring most frequently such as, e.g., lung cancer, pulmonary metastases, or emphysema. But this highly specialized clinic also offers all medical treatment options for rare and complex disorders.

You will find a brief presentation of the , the main areas of expertise listed under , and the   depicting our broad spectrum of medical services.

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Lung Check up

You are welcome to do a Lung Check-up in our clinic. For more details please click on the link Lung Check-up.

Reasons to have a lung checkup done:

  • If you’re smoker
  • If you used to be a smoker
  • If a close relative (parent or sibling) of yours is diagnosed with a lung disease (like lung cancer, asthma, COPD, ILD etc.)
  • If you’re coughing for some time now and you don’t know why
  • If you’re short of breath in unexpected situations
  • If you want to be sure …

Please note: This is not an offer for patients with lung or cancer diseases.