Cost Estimate

Once we have received your complete medical file, it will be reviewed by one of our physicians specializing in your diagnosis to determine the appropriate treatment. On the basis of this treatment recommendation, you will be informed of the anticipated costs.

Advance Payment

Please understand that we have to insist on prepayment of the complete amount mentioned in the cost estimate.

Payment Options

We offer the following payment options:

  • Cash
  • Credit card (we do not accept AMERICAN EXPRESS cards – sorry)
  • Bank wire (please email a copy of the bank transfer to

International Insurance

If you hold a membership of an international health insurance, please inform us in advance. A direct billing settlement with your insurance may be achieved.

Embassy Patients

We accept payment guarantees from some embassies (UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia), but we need the guarantee letter at least one day prior to the admission of the patient.

Citizens of the European Union

For citizens of the EU we offer treatment with S2-settlement (= E112-settlement). Please contact your health insurance to obtain this document. As a S2-patient you are not entitled to private patients’ services.

Bills and Invoices

The invoices will be prepared by UNIMED (billing firm). To receive the invoices and the refund, please allow 6-8 weeks after the appointment.


The invoices and the refund will be issued by UNIMED (billing firm). For the refund please provide us with the necessary bank details. Please inform us about these requested bank datas: refund form.


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