Treatment Inquiry and…

Treatment Inquiry and Appointment

International Patient Services is here to help you access the speciality services at Thoraxklinik Heidelberg, and will present your medical records and history to the respective physician specialist. Please send your treatment inquiries to us via e-mail: Please note that we cannot deal with your inquiry unless you provide us with a copy of your passport an the form completed in German or English.


We require copies of the following medical documents to enable us to provide treatment recommendations and a cost estimate:

  • Latest report with complete medical history
  • Chest CT scans digital in DICOM Format
  • Histology reports
  • Treatment plans/protocols of previous treatments

The medical documents have to be:

  • in German or English
  • up-to-date (not older than 3 months)
  • informative (for example: current status of the patient, last treatment, principal diagnosis and further conditions)
  • essential – please understand that evaluation of too extensive documentation requires more time and costs than necessary

You can send printed documents via the contact form or e-mail. Please have your CT scans and other radiological data burnt onto CD-ROM as DICOM files, and send to International Patient Services. Only DICOM fiels can be imported into Thoraxklinik viewing - no DVD, no written reports! Please note that we do not download documents from external servers.

Charges for Treatment Recommendation with Cost Estimation

In spite of most effective handling, some intricate and lengthy medical histories imply time-consuming, interdisciplinary assessment to achieve an elaborate treatment recommendation. In these cases, please understand that you will be charged 220 - 350 Euro, according to our doctor's time investment.


If, upon review of your medical records, you are medically accepted for consultation and treatment, we will do our best to arrange an appointment as an out-patient or in-patient on a date that is convenient for you. Please indicate desired dates. We do not have lengthy waiting times as a rule.

Visits at our out-patient clinic are charged according to the services rendered for immediate payment. Prior to your admission as an  in-patient, financial clearance is to be obtained. If your treatment is authorized neither by your government/ embassy nor by your international insurance company , you will receive a financial letter of agreement. This letter will outline the treatment package case rate and/or deposit amount that must be paid prior to your first appointment as an in-patient.