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Service and Information

Information about your stay in the hospital

Patient rooms

You are accommodated in single patient rooms. In cases of urgency admission, we may be able to provide a double room only. In most of the single rooms, it is also possible to accommodate an escort.

Diet and menu

Our patients and escorts, who are accommodated in a patient room, have the choice of three menus every day. If your state of health necessitates a special diet or if you have individual needs or customs, we would be pleased to take them into consideration. Please inform the nursing staff of your wishes at the beginning of your treatment.

After treatment

At the end of your treatment the doctor in charge of your case will compile a detailed medical report in the German or English language. This will contain information about the treatment received as well as recommendations for further medical care. You will be furnished with those medical records required for further treatment and follow-up.

If return visits to the Thoraxklinik Heidelberg are necessary, please discuss future medical trip plans with International Patient Services.

Thoraxklinik’s Social Services will help make the necessary arrangements in case your specialist recommends follow-up care for you at a rehabilitation center.